MONSTA X’s Joohoney Releases A Powerful Music Video For “PSYCHE”

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MONSTA X’s Joohoney is here to raise temperatures with his blazing new music video!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney dropped his much awaited music video for his track “PSYCHE” from his recently released mixtape. “All of the world, pay attention, JOOHONEY 1HUNNIT, I’m ready”, the rapper-singer boldly declares before leaving viewers speechless with his dynamic style.

The title track from the rapper’s chart topping mixtape PSYCHE, is a very introspective number. The meaning of the term “psyche” is used quite ambiguously in this track – where on one hand it is somewhat of a metaphor of success and failures on the song; while on the other hand it refers to the rapper’s inner self.

The artist captivates and ensures that all focus is on him as he goes through one fiery verse after another. The track as well as the video itself are enough to impress fans. However, Joohoney just takes it up a notch and to the next level with his style that mirrors his ferocious persona.  

The MONSTA X member further shows that there is indeed no style that he cannot carry off. From looking dapper in an elegant suit to personifying the term ‘swag’ in his casual ensembles, Joohoney is simply show stopping and the ultimate trendsetter. The level of finesse that the awesome artist exudes in this music video is simply superlative.

The video brings forth an electrifying and intense energy with its overall dark and edgy look. It, however, has a certain light-heartedness due to the rapper’s mischievous mannerisms and cheeky expressions. Moreover, Joohoney stuns with some hip moves that include a smooth moonwalk in the mix as well. 

Overall, the music video is certainly a visual treat that will surely make viewers sit up in awe and say “WOW”.  

Source: Starship Entertainment