MONSTA X’s Joohoney Reveals An Evocative Teaser For His Track “SMOKY”

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MONSTA X’s Joohoney stirs hearts with an expressive teaser for his track “SMOKY”!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney is the epitome of strength in the new teaser for his track “SMOKY” from his upcoming mixtape PSYCHE. The teaser is one that showcases the rapper’s more sensitive side. The rapper looks captivating as he stands amidst a hazy backdrop. 

 “Wake up. It’s time to go right now, don’t be scared. No one can hurt you now,” the rapper states while walking in a powerful manner. The otherwise slow paced vibe picks up after the rapper begins running towards the camera while singing, ” “SMOKY, I’m trying to start again. SMOKY, I’m sick of the pain. SMOKY, I’m trying to smile again.”   

Moreover, the setting of the teaser is reminiscent of the concept images that were revealed for PSYCHE recently. The concept images are stirring as they are stunning and give both a serene as well as strong vibe especially with Joohoney’s edgy and dark style.


The artistic teaser already has fans feeling awestruck with not just its conceptualization but also its profound lyrics so far. Joohoney showcases a vulnerable side to himself with the lyricism which is both, compelling as it is comforting. “SMOKY” also raises anticipations for what sides of the fierce rapper fans would get to see through this album. 


The upcoming mixtape will include seven tracks in total namely, “INTRO: AMBITION,” “PSYCHE,”, “DIA”, “SMOKY” “DARK & CLOUDY”, “KING” and “WINGSUIT”. All of the songs on the album are written and composed by the powerhouse performer himself!

Additionally, the album will also see Joohoney collaborate with artists like KEEMBO and former SPICA member Boa Kim and former 4TEN member TEM.

Meanwhile, Joohoney’s mixtape PSYCHE will be releasing on multiple music sources on October 9.

Source: Starship Entertainment

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