MONSTA X’s Joohoney Stuns With A Lit Music Video Of His Track “INTRO: AMBITION”

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MONSTA X’s Joohoney is a musical genius, is what he is!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney unveiled a high octane music video commencing the countdown to the release of his upcoming mixtape PSYCHE. Titled, “INTRO  : AMBITION”, the rapper showcases a very confident and bold side to him in the video. The track as well as the video is not only evocative but also enrapturing. 

The music video begins on a very dynamic note with Joohoney looking breathtaking in his all black attire and edgy look. The moment he begins rapping, fans are sure to recognize the hard-hitting lines from his intro performance at the Asia Artist Awards 2018. 

Furthermore, the multitalented musician divides the music video into four sections. Each of the section is an intro from different comeback stages by MONSTA X.


No. 1 is the aforementioned Asia Artist Awards 2018 “Jealousy + Shoot Out” performance stage, No. 2 sees Joohoney performing his intro verse from 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice In Japan wherein the group performed the track “SPARK”, No. 3 is his intro from MONSTA X’s “Alligator” Comeback stage and No. 4 is the rapper’s fiery verse from the recent “FANTASIA” Comeback Stage at SBS’ Inkigayo. 

With this music video, there is no doubt that Joohoney impresses with his visionary style of music. “INTRO : AMBITION” is inspiring and impressive and one that will surely be on loop on listeners’ playlists. This reveal certainly makes fans all the more psyched for PSYCHE.


Besides “INTRO : AMBITION”, Joohoney’s solo mixtape will feature six other tracks namely “PSYCHE,” “DIA”, “SMOKY” and “KING”. All of the tracks are produced by him along with 9F and WIZRD. Moreover, it will also see the participation of artists like KEEMBO and former SPICA member Boa Kim and former 4TEN member TEM on the tracks, “DARK & CLOUDY” and “WINGSUIT” respectively.

Meanwhile, Joohoney’s highly anticipated mixtape PSYCHE will be releasing on multiple music sources on October 9.

Source: Starship Entertainment