MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Successfully Kicks Off “VogueShip” Season Two

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The first episode of season two aired on September 6th on Naver Now.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk has made a comeback as host of “VogueShip Show” season 2.

Minhyuk, who had previously been well-received during season one, acting as a solo host throughout season 1 of VogueShip Show, showed his charisma and charms throughout the first broadcast of season two, kicking off the show by communicating with viewers. He shared his thoughts on the comeback of VogueShip Show, what he’s up to right now, and wittily answered fans’ stories.

Regarding the recently held “MONSTA X No Limit in Seoul” concert series, Minhyuk said, “Performance is always fun, but sad and difficult. These three seem to coexist in any performance. And it’s amazing. Performance is a medium that can express more than my energy.

It’s the same,” he said, expressing his feelings after the performance ended safely. In particular, he picked the most memorable part of the concert as the appearance of Shownu, who is serving in the military, and shared the emotions he felt during the performance, saying, “I think I felt various emotions at this concert.”

Minhyuk went out to express his gratitude to the fan who kept the secret without leaving a review that he saw Minhyuk while on a trip during MONSTA X’s break even though he met the fan a few times, saying, “I once signed autographs for young fans while traveling, but the fan’s mother was apologetic and treated me more kindly.”

To finish the broadcast, Minhyuk painted a whale spouting water as the first picture of “VogueShip Show,season two, saying, “I drew my favorite whale because I wanted to show the beginning, and the things I wanted to see and what I wanted to do are just coming out. I expressed it with a stream of water. I will fill in the painting in the future, so I would appreciate it if you would watch the process of the painting being completed.”

Season two “VogueShip Show,” hosted by Minhyuk, airs every Tuesday at 8 PM KST on Naver NOW.

Source: Starship Entertainment