MONSTA X Stirs Hearts With A Sweet “Newtroland” OST Music Video

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Monbebes, be prepared to be swept away by MONSTA X’s adorable charms as the boys reveal a super cute music video for their show Newtroland’s OST!

MONSTA X has released a music video for the track, titled “Reckless”, for the OST of their web variety show Newtroland with TWOTUCKGOM.

Looking dapper as ever, the six members donned colorful suits as they warmed hearts with their endearing mannerisms and cute choreography. The video also included scenes showcasing some of the most entertaining moments from the show as well. 

The composition of “Reckless” is akin to the theme of Newtroland which is a combination of the new and the retro styles. The track is a part of a new wave synth-pop genre that is driven by retro style electric drums merged with bright synth riffs.

The lyrics are an expression of the message of friendship, asserting that although they may be reckless and don’t think about the consequences of it but irrespective of that, they will always be together. “We are reckless, we’re hopeless/ I have nothing to lose, and I’m free to fly again/ We are reckless and we have no countermeasures/ No matter what happens, we’ll never let it go/ I’ll never let go (I won’t miss you).”

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While MONSTA X captivated with this sweet music video, this is not the first time they team up with TWOTUCKGOM for an OST. They have previously released the heartwarming track “Here We Are”, as well as the breathtaking number “Breathe For You”.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is gearing up for their exciting virtual concert MONSTA X Live – From Seoul With Luv. It will broadcast on August 8 at 11 PM EST, and August 9 at 12 PM KST, respectively. Fans will be able to stream the concert live on the site LiveXLive. 


Images Credit To: Starship Entertainment|TWOTUCKGOM