MONSTA X Proves Impeccable Global Presence With A Nomination In The “2021 MTV Video Music Awards”

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If you don’t know why MONSTA X is the definition of a powerhouse group, now you know!

MONSTA X continues to prove its global popularity with an MTV Video Music Award nomination for “Best K-Pop” with the recent release “GAMBLER.”

The magnificent sextet just can’t help but wow the world as they write history once again with their impressive achievements. In particular, MONSTA X has been dominating the K-pop industry with dynamic performances that scream they are the best.

Written and produced by MONSTA X’s one and only Joohoney, “GAMBLER” is released on June 1 this year as a title track for the 9th mini-album One Of A Kind.

The album had done heaps of praiseworthy achievements. “GAMBLER” ranked No. 5 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart which further proved MONSTA X’s impeccable presence in the global market. All the songs in the One Of A Kind album settled wonderfully in the chart, ranking 11th to 16th.

monsta x universe kiss or death

In addition, the album received applaudable rankings in daily music charts in South Korea and internationally all throughout the two-week promotions.

Noteworthy, among the tracks that entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart are self-composed by the members Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. This further proved the power of these producing idols who are constantly filling their albums with the “MONSTA X genre.”

I.M’s solo album DUALITY which was released in February also made a remarkable performance. All the songs topped the iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart in 18 regions.

Relatively, the album dominated the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Charts with all tracks entering the chart. DUALITY definitely made a huge impact on the seasoned rapper’s career as he accounted for 20% of the charts.

Not only this but Hyungwon’s track “Nobody Else” also achieved an amazing feat. MONBEBE celebrated the face genius’ birthday, beautifully having the track ranked No.10 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart in January.


The talented group’s latest album One Of A Kind received a Gaon Platinum Certification which boasted its unbounded spectrum of stairway growth as artists. Gaon Chart’s Platinum is a certification given when an album exceeds 250,000 sales and MONSTA X had smoothly achieved the badge, breaking its best initial record.

Moreover, MTV’s Video Music Award is one of the leading award-giving ceremonies in the U.S. Some more prestigious US awards include the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards (AMAs), and Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). With MONSTA X one of the nominees for Best K-pop, expectations are high whether the powerhouse group will take home the pride.


Meanwhile, the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards’ Best K-pop Category nominates groundbreaking acts. Alongside MONSTA X, BTS, BLACKPINK, (G)I-DLE, SEVENTEEN, and Twice are also nominated for the category. Furthermore, the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards will commence on September 12 at the Barclays Center in New York City.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment