MONSTA X Proves Perfection In Live Performance Of New English Single “One Day” On MTV Fresh Out Live

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At this point, we are all hoping that One Day we would be able to hear MONSTA X in concerts once again!

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If there is one thing that MONSTA X cannot do, it’s that they never disappoint when it comes to live performances! As always, MONSTA X presented what an ace group truly is with an exemplary live performance of the new English single “One Day” on MTV Fresh Out Live.

As soon as the music video for “One Day” was released, MONSTA X made an appearance on the popular US music program. It was rather impressive how the “Gambler” singers went on a 180-degree transformation with a different sensibility compared to their monstrous performances in music broadcasts and end-of-the-year programs.

The rappers Joohoney and I.M showed off their attractive lullaby which absolutely sang sweetly on every fan’s ears. The high-quality stage was also comparable to how Minhyuk’s mellifluous voice flowed all over the world, as well as the definition of spectacular through Hyungwon’s unique tone. Of course, Kihyun demonstrated his euphonic sound that can even melt the hardest of diamonds.

Moreover, Kihyun and Joohoney greeted MONBEBE around the world through a phone interview with Kevan Kenney on the MTV Friday Live Stream. The two members expressed their gratitude for being nominated in the 2021 MTV VMA Best K-pop Category. “It is a huge honor to be nominated and we are grateful for it.”

In addition, Joohoney mentioned how he feels so good to greet international fans after a long time. They also conveyed how disappointed they were not been able to proceed with the world tour and the regret they felt of not being able to present the stages they have long prepared for the shows.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X took about a year and seven months to release a new English track. The previous English album All About Luv was an absolute hit and it is not impossible that “One Day” will also write its own history.

The music video for “One Day” is now available on MONSTA X’s official YouTube channel. The track can also be streamed and listened to on all music platforms around the world.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment