MONSTA X Proves They Own The Title Of “Powerhouse Group” With Their Recent Wins

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MONSTA X truly lives up to the title unique to them – ‘it don’t matter we do it better’ – as they took new crowns like the true kings they are!

MONSTA X is a dynamic group and their recent wins at these awards ceremonies proved just that. The group took home various awards at the “2020 MMA (2020 Melon Music Awards)”, the “2020 Asia Model Awards” and at the “2020 MAMA”.

The stellar boy group won the “Best Performance” award at the “2020 MMA”. To say that the award was well-deserved would truly be an understatement. MONSTA X has unveiled high-quality performances and stunned with their awe-inspiring stage presence on multiple occasions. Moreover, on the same day as the event, the group boosted the excitement of the ceremony with their fiery performance as well.

Commencing the performance was member Hyungwon who thrilled with a solo intro that surely caught the attention of fans with its intense style and show-stopping choreography. Following the intro was the performance of MONSTA X’s fierce track “BEASTMODE”. The stage spotlighted the members’ ferocious energy as well as their passionate demeanor that dominated the stage to simply say so. 

Furthermore, showcasing their regal allure, MONSTA X revealed a majestic stage for the title track “LOVE KILLA”. The performance began after a stirring narration, post which member I.M was seen sitting on a throne, looking princely as ever. Appearing in a stylish black striped suit, he drew attention as he walked over to the members looking breathtaking in wine and dine setup at a table with “LOVE KILLA” written on it. 


The performance reiterated why the group are the ultimate scene stealers as they radiated with confidence, revealing their luxurious styles and going straight for the kill with their lethal charms.

Furthermore, MONSTA X won the award for the “Best Stage” at the “2020 MAMA”. This award solidified their status as powerhouse performers and that, they are indeed the stars who set the stage alight one dazzling performance after another. 

Even at the “2020 MAMA” ceremony, the group set the stage afire with their blazing performance. MONSTA X served up the main dish that was scorching hot, as they revealed a suave and striking performance for “Love Killa” that was impressive enough to make viewers frenzied. 

After winning the awards, through their agency Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X said, “Every time we climb to such an honorable position, we remember the memories we made with our members and fans. If the members didn’t help each other, and if it wasn’t for the love of our MONBEBE, we wouldn’t have been able to work so well and steadily”.

They added, “So we want to say that it is because of all of the love that MONBEBE show us that we have been able to come this far. Thank you so much and we will continue to try to show you more amazing performances. We love you MONBEBE”.


MONSTA X has been impressing with their versatility and evolution as musicians. Earlier this year, the boys released their first full-length English album ALL ABOUT LUV. The release reigned on major music charts with its mellifluous melodies. The ace group also ranked in the top 10 on seven Billboard charts, including the Billboard 200 chart.

Notably, MONSTA X recently made history and won their very first Daesang for the “Stage of the Year” award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards. They also showcased their global popularity after topping Hanteo Chart’s Global Chart for November for FATAL LOVE as well.

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Meanwhile, MONSTA X will wrap up 2020 with various activities at the end of the year awards ceremonies. Moreover, member Joohoney will be revealing the performance of his track “PSYCHE” for the very first time at the “2020 The Fact Music Awards” as well.

PR/Images Source: Starship Entertainment