MONSTA X Drops A Dynamic Dance Practice Video For “Love Killa”

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MONSTA X are the ultimate scene stealers with their lethal moves in this power-packed dance practice video!

MONSTA X revealed a stunning dance practice video for their winning number “Love Killa”. The video impressed as it highlighted the group’s strong teamwork and showcased their unrivaled charisma.

The choreography clip emphasized the stellar group’s famous visuals. They made quite the style statement, looking absolutely striking in their effortlessly cool looks. This, along with their mind-blowing moves, added to the allure of the video.

The dance practice version, much like the track’s original music video, is a visual treat to state the least. The choreography features a more relaxed and mature performance. This undoubtedly ensures that viewers cannot take their eyes off of the members in the video even for a moment thanks to the various point dances that highlight every little movement.

MONSTA X radiates a commanding aura especially with the performance for this track. Especially with some standout moments like Hyungwon’s boxer like move, which has definitely become the signature step for “Love Killa” and as well as the smooth steps that make a resounding impact without any big movements and have been dubbed as the “1pyeong dance.”


“Love Killa” is a song that brings forth the powerful and unique style of MONSTA X. The track boasts of splendid dark sounds and an evocative melody while the group sings of the temptation of love to throw away everything and just win. The song was has garnered rave reviews from across the globe. It has dazzled listeners with its sui generis style as evident with it winning two crowns on SBS MTV’s THE SHOW and MBC’s every1 Show! Champion. 

The feats only further prove MONSTA X’s evolution as multitalented musicians and reaffirm their status as ace artists. Meanwhile, the group be captivating fans with their appearances on various music broadcasts and entertainment programs, promoting their third full-length album FATAL LOVE. They will also be releasing a Japanese version of their fiery number “Love Killa” on December 16. 

PR | Images | Video Source: Starship Entertainment