MONSTA X Reveals New Bold “FATAL LOVE” Concept Photos

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MONSTA X looks fiercely fabulous in the latest version of concept photos!

MONSTA X has revealed their newest set of concept photos and they are fiery to put it simply. In these images, the group certainly embraces their wild sides as they rock those eye-catching animal prints and striking colors. 


The trio has made an impactful statement with their effortlessly uber cool styles. Joohoney, Shownu and Minhyuk look soigné in their elegant suits as they casually lean back and look into the lens with those breathtaking and brooding gazes. The three members stand dashing as they captivate with their ethereal visuals. 



I.M, Hyungwon and Kihyun certainly charm as well as pique curiosities with their set. In the individual shots, each of the members unravel their raw magnetism, while in the group shot, I.M and Kihyun hold stirring, evocative gazes. However, Hyungwon adds a sense of enigma to the image with his pensive expression as he looks away from the camera. 

Overall, these concept photos certainly bear an air of nostalgia. The amount of charisma and power that radiates from the photos is certainly limitless. 

The group’s upcoming full album is already amplifying excitements from fans all over the world. The album will be led by the track titled “LOVE KILLA”, which is written by Joohoney and I.M. Moreover, the album consists of tracks written by MONSTA X’s talented vocalist Hyungwon, as well as ace artists including Eric Nam, Jooyoung, and LDN Noise among others.

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The final version of images will be released by tomorrow. Post the unveil of the concept photos, on October 29 the teaser of their title track will be released. They will then release an album preview on November 1.

MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE via multiple music sources on November 2.

Source: Starship Entertainment