MONSTA X Will Ask Monbebes “Who Do U Love” On New Single Coming Out This Friday

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MONSTA X poses a question with a very obvious answer to their fans for their upcoming single!

At last, MONSTA X revealed the huge news they have been keeping a secret this entire time – which is nothing but a sweet new musical treat to their loving Monbebes!

Photo from Starship Entertainment

Finally unveiling the gift they have in store for fans, the group posted a photo teaser containing the words “We have a question for you” on their social media accounts on the night of June 10. Along with it came their exciting announcement of a new single titled “Who Do U Love?”, which is set to be released this June 14.

They also provided a link allowing fans to pre-save the song so that they “can be the FIRST to hear it” – especially as the single is made for them. Moreover, they added the hashtags #MONSTAX, #WHODOULOVE, and their answer to their very own question – #WELOVEOURMONBEBES.

The group hinted at the big news earlier on June 7 with a moving teaser posted on their social media accounts. Containing a short clip which showed a stack of old-school, red televisions with pink screens flashing the date “6.14.2019” followed by their official logo, their post told fans to mark down the same date by stating something as “coming soon”.

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Additionally, members Shownu, Wonho, and Jooheon posted selcas on their official Twitter account last June 9. In the caption, the three wrote, “Monbebes, this week is going to be big for us. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on”.