MONSTA X Thanks Monbebes And Delivers Amazing Speeches At 2019 V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT Ceremony

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Another win for MONSTA X and Monbebe has been secured – and no one can stop these two’s journey to success!

MONSTA X dedicated yet another win of theirs to Monbebes who stayed with them all along the way and showered them with utmost love and support that help them power through all the time!

Monsta x

While receiving their award as one of the artists who made it to the 2019 V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT Global Artist Top 12, the boys of MONSTA X proclaimed their love to Monbebes in front of the whole crowd at the Gocheok Sky Dome on November 16.

“It is always a great pleasure to attend prestigious award ceremonies like this. We love V Live because it serves as a really good way for us to communicate with our fans. I think that’s a good thing, so I hope you will continue to follow us on our channel,” leader Shownu started sweetly.

“We were able to show our live performances to fans all over the world in real-time and have unforgettable memories with them too for the WE ARE HERE World Tour show at the LA Staples Center. With that, we are very thankful to V Live for helping us do so. We love our Monbebes – who are our love, our pride, our family, our friend, our girlfriend, honey, lover and all of it – so much! Finally, our youngest, I.M will finish up,” Minhyuk gushed before handing the turn to speak to I.M who sent an inspiring message to their fans along with a response to haters.

“First of all, I’d like to give a big shoutout to all our fans – Monbebe! I just want to thank all the K-pop lovers and K-Pop artists because, without their effort, these days’ K-Pop phenomenon would not have happened. I know there are lots of people who are like K-Pop haters. Just let the haters bark, I don’t even care about it. Let’s keep grinding and keep hustling! Thank you!” the rapper shared in English, interjecting with a quick “Hang on, we have one more thing to say” before the entire group shouted “We love you, Monbebe” with all their hearts.

Second Speech

Meanwhile, the group was also honoured with the V Live Global Partnership Recognition, which prompted them to give yet another speech.

“Thank you so much to the V Live staff for letting us communicate with Monbebes here and from all around the world. Also, thank you for introducing the names of MONSTA X and MONBEBE together. I’ve never seen that before at other award shows but I’m so grateful that you wrote ‘MONSTA X WITH MONBEBE’. We’re grateful to Monbebe for giving us two meaningful awards, and we’ll continue to communicate frequently through V Live,” Kihyun said. “We will be MONSTA X who walks together with Monbebe all the time,” he promised as well.

“No matter who you are, who you love – MONSTA X always supports Monbebe, so keep supporting us. Thank you, I love you. Be happy, stay happy!” Joohoney also told the crowd, delivering his speech in English as well.

This gave a segue for Hyungwon to make everyone laugh with the start of his speech by saying, “I’ll say something in Korean”. Seriously though, the singer continued by delivering his heartfelt message to Monbebes by sharing, “I want to say thank you and I love you to Monbebe for giving us these two awards, and I hope that we will be able to communicate more often with fans through V Live. We will do our best to become a MONSTA X who will stay by your side. Thank you”.

Afterwards, the group shouted another lovely “We love you, Monbebe” together.

Besides receiving their awards, the boys also performed their hit songs “Alligator” and “Play It Cool”, which gathered loud cheers from fans who filled up the arena with their voices as they chanted the seven members’ names. The group also took their latest comeback track “Follow” to the stage as well, which was opened by a fiery solo performance by I.M as the intro to their entire stage with the theme “Break The Rule”.

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Screengrab from V Live