MONSTA X Talks About Recent US Promotions And Billboard Chart Success Of “All About Luv”

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The success of their latest album and promotions in the US had been more than outstanding – and MONSTA X dedicates it to none other than Monbebe.

MONSTA X expressed their heartwarming thoughts regarding the notable achievements made by their newest English album All About Luv with an emphasis on the people who made all of it possible: Monbebe.

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Released on February 14, the group’s first full-length English album earned huge success right away on its first week, which further strengthened the group’s rising global popularity.

Thanks to fans’ hot response, as proven by how it accumulated over 52,000 sales (with 50,000 being in pure sales), All About Luv shot out to the Top 10 spots on a total of seven Billboard charts. In line with its release, the group also conducted several activities in the US which included launch parties and guest appearances in various popular shows – and all of these also ended up as huge successes.

With this, six of the members stepped up to relay their joy and heartfelt gratitude towards their fans and everyone who enjoyed their latest music release and recent promotional activities.


The group’s reliable leader Shownu began by saying, “This album has a different musical colour from what we have shown everyone so far. Because our colour and the language we sang in had changed from the usual, we prepared a lot to express these new aspects in the album.”

Moreover, he said, “I am so happy that many Monbebe welcomed and liked our music. We will continue to be MONSTA X who shows you new sides of us in every album.”


“I actually found it hard to believe when I heard the news that we were fifth in Billboard 200. I was happy to see our names being on the Billboard chart and to see it reach the top five as well, which I had been dreaming of since I was a trainee,” Minhyuk also shared.

“I feel very grateful to Monbebe for every step of my dreams and goals always. I can feel your love for MONSTA X anytime and anywhere, which gives me strength and comfort, especially this time. I love you so much,” the singer added.


“I think it is starting to sink in little by little now for me. We’ve been cheering and encouraging each other to work harder and reach this goal one day, and we’re happy that we’ve already reached this glorious moment,” Kihyun pitched in as well.

“Everything we’re feeling right now, I think, is because Monbebe has been constantly rooting for us and loving us. We’ll be MONSTA X who knows how precious that love is and return it to you with even better music, performances, and activities, so please keep watching out for us,” he also shared.

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“I had a lot of fun releasing this album and meeting many Monbebe in the US. It was great just to get MONSTA X’s energy to rise, but I think it was amazing to receive such a great gift too,” Hyungwon admitted.

“We just did our best to play our favourite music and show you great performances, and it became more meaningful to have such an honourable and delightful moment as well. We are very happy, but we will also try to become MONSTA X who will not settle with this and achieve greater goals in the future instead,” he shared as well.


Joohoney, who sat out from the group’s recent activities in the US as part of his current hiatus due to health reasons, also shared his gratitude to Monbebe. “MONSTA X received so much love for our first full-length album in the US. Although I only participated in the album this time, I am proud that the other members did so well,” he said.

“I’d like to thank the members for their hard work. I will also try my best to meet Monbebe, and I would be even more grateful if you would keep on loving MONSTA X a lot,” Joohoney added.


Lastly, I.M said, “The theme of this album is “all about love”. I’m so happy and grateful to receive so much love from Monbebe, which matched how much we wanted to share our music, through our activities.”

“The last two weeks we spent in the United States was short, but we met a lot of Monbebe. You had been very passionate and supportive of us every time you saw us on stage and in promotions. I hope we can give you more good news to repay your passions and I also hope we can continue being happy and supporting each other. We had good results, but we will try not to depend on that and just continue to enjoy making music,” the youngest member of the group added.

Group Message

Wrapping it up, the group shared their final message of gratitude. “We’d like to thank all the staff members and their families for working hard with us. We will continue to be MONSTA X who continues to grow and develop following this activity. We love you, Monbebe,” they said.

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