MONSTA X Unveils Endearing Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Their Online Concerts

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MONSTA X revealed some never seen before scenes from their show stopping online concerts that took place recently!

MONSTA X recently released the 194th episode of “MON CHANNEL”. The episodes were released on Naver’s official V LIVE channel as well as on their official YouTube channel. The group posted some behind-the-scenes videos of their latest concerts through a total of four episodes. These included behind-the-scenes stories of their on-tact concerts MONSTA X LIVE FROM SEOUL WITH LUV and the EVERY ON: WORLDWIDE LIVE ON CONCERT.

In the video clips, MONSTA X captured hearts with their sweet gestures and charms. The members greeted Monbebes in different languages and also serenaded fans with heartwarming songs to express their love for them. Revealing glimpses of their practice sessions the multitalented group also gave updates on what they were doing since finishing the activities for FANTASIA X. 

The members also showed their energetic rehearsal performances on the stage. MONSTA X exuded dynamism as they performed with motivation. Moreover, they looked radiant as they smiled brightly especially as they listened to a pre-recording of their beloved fans chanting their names and singing along to their song “Shoot Out”.

However, the group expressed their regret of not being able to meet Monbebes in person. They said, “It’s hard because there are no fans at the concert. We’re definitely more energized when we see the fans”. MONSTA X added, “We almost cried when we heard the fans voices during the rehearsal. We can’t wait to perform in front of them soon.”

The behind-the-scenes of the EVERY ON: WORLDWIDE LIVE ON CONCERT saw MONSTA X praising the performance their junior labelmates, CRAVITY. What’s even more heartwarming is that after their practice stage, MONSTA X happily exclaimed, “I miss you, Monbebe,” thereby revealing just how precious their fans are to them! 

monsta x live from seoul with luv

Monbebe too, have been very expressive while showering their love on their favorite idols. Fans from over 126 countries tuned in to make and share happy memories with MONSTA X at the on-tact concert MONSTA X LIVE FROM SEOUL WITH LUV. 

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is currently preparing for a new album with the aim of releasing it this fall.

PR/Images Source: Starship Entertainment