MONSTA X Wants You To Decide “Who Do U Love?” On New English Single Featuring French Montana

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Who do you love, Monbebes? Think fast – because MONSTA X wants you to say their name for sure!

MONSTA X dropped their first original full English track “Who Do U Love?” on the midnight of June 14 worldwide!

Photo from Starship Entertainment

Marking their first song under the US label Epic Records, the group took midnight by storm with the release of their new single featuring American rapper and hitmaker French Montana.

Definitely a special release from the group, “Who Do U Love?” is set apart from all of their other songs as it is the first track they have ever originally released in English – aka, it isn’t an English version of a song they’ve already released in Korean. Additionally, all of the group’s seven members personally took part in writing and composing the track.

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The song is an easy jam that even non-K-Pop listeners could enjoy – which is definitely good in terms of spreading the MONSTA X fever more and letting the world know about their talent. “Who Do U Love?” also focused on the members’ vocal prowess, highlighting their smooth and suave voices as they deliver yet another catchy bop for Monbebes to enjoy.

It also gave “Jealousy”-like vibes in terms of the lyrics, especially with lines in the verses saying, “Baby I just gotta know the answer/ Who’s the one you think of night and day?” and its chorus going, “Who do u love? Is it him or me ’cause I can’t take the pressure anymore/ Who do u love? Girl it’s killing me/ If you can’t say that I’m the one for sure, then I’m walking out the door”. Its beat and rhythm also helped in getting its seductive and sultry urging vibe across.

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Although despite all of the love we have for the song, we definitely missed MONSTA X’s iconic, hard-hitting rap verses. Throughout the track’s three-minute run, we longed to hear I.M’s deep voice along with hype-filled and fire-spitting verses from Jooheon – even though the latter blessed fans’ ears with his singing parts.

Listen to “Who Do U Love?” by MONSTA X featuring French Montana below: