Monsta X World Tour In Bangkok Resounding Success, Leaves Lasting Impression

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Monsta X once again proved international popularity as they completed the Bangkok leg of their world tour.

Monsta X just finished performing in Bangkok for the 2018 Monsta X World Tour The Connect, but before rocking out on stage, they visited local TV shows and held a press conference to promote their concert.

The press conference was held on April 29 at the GCP Hall of the Grand Center Point Hotel in Sukhumvit 55 and more that 100 reporters from local TV channels, radios and major newspapers covered the event.

The group also appeared on the famous Thai morning show Rueng Lao Chao Nee to promote their world tour and mini album The Connect: Dejavu. Some Monbebes even lined up as early as 7pm the night before outside the studio just to see their favorite Kpop idol group.

To spice up the morning, Monsta X performed “Jealousy”, the title track from their latest album. The hosts were impressed by the powerful performance and they even noticed the precision of the angles the group displayed during the dance.

The Connect

What the group displayed during the morning show was just a taste of the main event which was held the next day at Thunder Dome in Bangkok. The venue was filled with fans as Monsta X presented a variety of stages ranging from colorful to intense. The boys started the concert with their title track, “Jealousy”. They then went on to show powerful stages with “Beautiful”, “Destroyer”, and “Shine Forever”.

Displaying their romantic and playful sides, they also performed “White Girl” and “Roller Coaster”, even making their own 7-member roller coaster during the performance. Aside from their usual songs, the boys have teamed up as different units to showcase their individual talents more. Wonho, Minhyuk and Kihyun donned school boy outfits at their cute and energetic performance. On the other hand, Jooheon and Shownu took things up a notch with their sexy rendition of “Versace on the Floor”. Meanwhile, IM and Hyungwon shared the stage with a cover of Drake’s “Fake Love” following it up with Hyungwon’s own choreography of Charlie Puth’s “How Long”.

Monsta X performed their heart-warming ballad, “If Only”, to cap off the three-hour concert. It was a night to remember for the group and the fans as they shared 23 songs with each other. The group then went on to express gratitude and happiness to their fans and they hope that Thai Monbebes will always remember them for a long time until they come back to Thailand again.

After Monsta X finished their trip to Bangkok, they will continue on with their other legs in Asia: July 10 in Hong Kong and July 14 in Taiwan. The boys will travel around the world with 2018 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR THE CONNECT and they will be serenading Monbebes in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

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Gearing towards being called a global trend, they also have the third season of their long standing variety show, Monsta X-Ray 3. Viewers can watch it through Naver or the boy group’s V Live channel. Catch it during Thursdays at 8pm KST.

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