MONSTA X’S Kihyun Releases A Soulful Cover Of Jung Joon Il’s “Hug Me”

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Lets just agree that the term “powerhouse artist” belongs to the one and only Yoo Kihyun!

MONSTA X’s Kihyun unveiled a stirring and stunning new cover song that is expressive and entrancing. The vocalist has surely rendered listeners speechless with his riveting rendition of Jung Joon Il’s sentimental ballad “Hug Me”. The MONSTA X member released his evocative version on the group’s official SNS today. 

Any amount of praise wouldn’t compare to the magnetizing power of Kihyun’s voice. His dulcet vocals only shine against the soft piano melody of “Hug Me”. Singing, “Can’t overcome this sadness in my heart/ Another sleepiness night, I endure it once more/ I really don’t mind the sadness/ It absentmindedly wakes me up again in the morning,” the singer croons in his sweet voice.  

Jung Joon Il’s original track is an emotive ballad that is an expression of the harrowing pain one experiences post a heartbreak. Kihyun gives it his all to bring the essence of this track to life. He delves into airy and soft tones and his heavenly high notes that he delivers with perfection. 

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Moreover, Kihyun’s cover reflects the despair and sorrow of the original song. He sings, “Please just hug me, hug me even for a while/ Without any words, please just come to me/With all the loneliness and uncertainty/ Can’t you see I’m still here waiting for you/ I love you.”

The MONSTA X main vocalist has lived up to the title and not just on the heart thumping albums by the group. Kihyun had recently released rocking covers of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” and “Natural” and with “Hug Me” he has only showcased his versatility with his wide range of musical spectra.

Meanwhile, “Hug Me” is a track from Jung Joon Il’s 2011 album Lo9ve3r4s. Many other ace artists including BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, EXO’s Chanyeol and BTS’ V and J-hope have covered the track in the past as well.

Source: Starship Entertainment