MONSTA X’s I.M Shares Honest Stories In DIVE Studios’ Podcast “UNBOXING”

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Banpo 4-dong’s low-toned handsome cat who smells like roses reveals behind-the-scenes for DUALITY!

MONSTA X’s I.M shows off his irresistible charms as he guests in DIVE Studios’ UNBOXING.

Hosted by PENTAGON’s Kino and ASTRO’s JinJin, MONSTA X’s youngest rapper came as the show’s third guest.

Introducing the charismatic Gwangju-born idol, Kino described him saying “If there were gentlemen with soft hats in the 20th century, he’s the gentleman with a low voice in the 21st century.”

As the “gentleman who smells like a rose with a low voice,” I.M revealed that he uses the perfume Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady. The hosts also agree that I.M has this nice fragrance, pointing out that the rapper has this duality in him.

Ranking first at UNBOXING‘s first playlist selection, I.M shared that he made his album DUALITY with all his efforts and soul. Released on February 19, DUALITY is an album that is literally about the duality of a person. So when Kino asked when was the time when I.M thinks he has that duality the most, “It’s whenever I say “I’m fine” but in reality, I am not.”

I.M also shared that MONSTA X is preparing for a new album. But the specific date of release is not yet decided.

UNBOXING‘s “Getting To Know Each Other” Corner

Moving on to the show’s ice-breaking time, the hosts gave questions to I.M to resolve all curiosities that MONBEBE might have. Starting off with the first question if I.M is actually the funniest MONSTA X member, the 25-year-old singer admitted that he is the most boring member.

As I.M seriously explained his observation why he is the most boring member, Kino pointed out that I.M’s slow diction makes him feel soothed, making the rapper smile in gratitude.

“I think the funniest member is Shownu. Because he doesn’t do anything intentionally but he’s naturally funny,” I.M said. JinJin agreed, saying that Shownu does his best at everything such as dancing so he’s actually curious about what MONSTA X’s leader is really like.

Additionally, both Kino and JinJin acknowledged Minhyuk’s hosting skills and amazing wit when it comes to playing games.

The second question is about I.M being the “Banpo 4-dong Shooter” of MONBEBE’s hearts. When asked whether he is confident that he will also win the hearts of UNBOXING‘s audience, I.M confidently answered yes.

Accordingly, as I.M is the youngest member of the group, the third question falls into the curiosity if he is satisfied as MONSTA X’s maknae. I.M shares that the advantage of being the youngest is not really an advantage but as a member of MONSTA X, they are all equal. As for the disadvantage, I.M says it’s when he gets teased a lot. But he just accepts it as the members showing love to him.

I.M as a sensitive sleeper

The fourth question asked if there’s a member whom I.M doesn’t want to be roommates with especially in schedules overseas. Without even a second of wonder, I.M straightforwardly replied yes, enumerating Joohoney, Hyungwon, and Shownu as the members he doesn’t want to be roommates with. Stating the reason: it’s because they snore. Since I.M is a light and sensitive sleeper, even the sound of the toilet light turning on would wake him up.


“When I was roommates with Joohoney, I don’t get why he sets so many alarms when he’s not going to wake up,” I.M shared. “I had to constantly turn them off. He doesn’t hear it. I only do.”

Furthermore, as he is the official English speaker of MONSTA X, the fifth question goes “You are known to read a lot of English-related books in the studio or in the waiting room. But you actually haven’t finished most of the books.”

I.M said there was a problem with the question, clarifying that he only read an English vocabulary book in the waiting room once. But it’s not that he always carries an English book with him.

The 6th question made him choose between “GOD DAMN” and “BURN” which were both included in his album DUALITY. I.M chooses “GOD DAMN” because he has a special attachment to the title track. As they further discuss the DUALITY album, Kino wittily noticed I.M’s tattoo on his wrist which clearly depicts the artist’s duality.


In addition, when Kino asked “What do you think is the real I.M,” the rapper poetically replied that all his appearances like with or without makeup, crying, looking good, and eating are all Im Changkyun. “I think it’s stressful if I define myself in just a single side,” I.M concludes.

During the UNBOXING episode, I.M also confessed that he was worried before releasing DUALITY because it was a totally different feel from the things that he did with MONSTA X. “But it was hard to keep it in me anymore,” he said which made Kino and JinJin praise him unendingly, calling him a really cool person.


Ending the episode, I.M said that it was a precious time as he didn’t have any official spots to talk about his album in detail. The three also wished each other to successfully do all their schedules and have a good time all throughout.

Meanwhile, I.M has shown his growth as a solo artist by cruising in global music charts with his digital album DUALITY. Furthermore, MONSTA X continues to be a global trend as the group’s Japanese album WANTED ranking on top of the Oricon and Tower Records charts.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment