Mysterious posters show up at Gangnam; AJAX comeback?

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Mysterious posters have been put up in the city of Gangnam and has quickly become a hot issue.

On November 8, through an online entertainment forum, there’s been a comment left saying, “saw this strange poster in Gangnam… what is this?” along with the photo.

The photo of the poster that was seen said, “To. My X, Will you back off?” and can now be seen in Gangnam subway and bus stations. These posters have also been spotted at Hongdae, Jamsil, and other major parts of Seoul.

People who’ve seen these photos reactions were, “A message to an ex-lover?”, “Is this an event for their lover?”. One music fan said, “Oh! I heard DSP‘s rookie group AJAX‘s new song title was 2MYX, is this the new song spoiler?” After that comment, many people are wondering if this poster is a way of promotion for their comeback.

Source: (News+Photos)-The Star

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