NATURE Sounds The Alarm For “Code M” With Otherworldly Teaser Photos

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This month, get ready to take a trip to NATURE World as they gear up for the release of their Code M mini album

The comeback lineup for June is slowly growing, and NATURE is the latest group to join in. The girl group has announced that they will be releasing new music in the form of a single album titled NATURE World: Code M.

NATURE World: Code M is slated for release on June 17, and the countdown for its upcoming release has formally kicked off with the release of their comeback scheduler. This comeback, however, will feature only a seven-member lineup as Loha takes a break for health reasons and Aurora continues her activities with Idol Producer.

NATURE also kicked off a new month through the release of individual concept photos. The photos showcase the members dressed in white, giving off an otherworldly vibe through the blue filter and the members’ dreamy expressions. Thanks to its mysterious aura, their fans are understandably excited for the new music.

Prior to this release, NATURE made their Japanese debut in February. The group released a Japanese version of “I’m So Pretty”, a dance pop track that garnered praise thanks to its impressive melodies and catchy chorus.

Source: Hankyung, Herald Pop

Image Source: n.CH Entertainment