NCT 127 Leaps To A New Level Of Music With “Neo Zone” & “英雄; Kick It”

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The 127 squad is back with a fierce music video!

NCT 127 finally released the music video of the highly-anticipated comeback title track, “Kick It,” from their new album, Neo Zone. 

The intense and electrifying music video is well fitted for the song. “Kick It” is a powerful hip hop dance track but with an inspiring message of getting over trauma and being heroes after.

It brings a new color to the already iridescent discography of NCT 127. The title track is well fitted to be the highlight of their latest album which composed of varying songs in different genres.

Watch the music video here and it’ll take you to a rollercoaster ride of talent, intense choreography, powerful vocals, and high qualtiy rap.

A New Level with Neo Zone

The new album, Neo Zone, is nothing short of perfect. From the short music video releases for all the songs in the album to the powerful comeback title track, NCT 127 is back to take you on another level of awesomeness.

Proving that they can deliver perfectly any concept and any genre, NCT 127 displays the range of their talent in the series of track videos uploaded prior to the comeback.


The songs from the Neo Zone album emanate diversity. From powerful dance tracks to bubbly EDM pop music, to songs well fitted for Summer. Even songs that can you can sing to the person you love. The group even has a track that features how powerful NCT 127 rappers are. Not to mention how the songs impress many with NCT 127’s vocal prowess.

The emotion-filled song, “White Night,” gave us the heavenly vocals of 127’s vocal line.

While “Sit Down” thrills us with Mark and Taeyong’s rap.


But one of the most well-loved releases from the track videos NCT 127 gave their fans is “Elevator.” The cute, bubbly, and fun concept of the music video adds to the charms of the songs. It’s a feel-good track to boost anyone’s mood.

No one can deny that Neo Zone gave us range and diverse discography through its intense title track. NCT 127 means business with launching a powerful music with “Kick It.