NCT 127 Exudes Electrifying Energy In Latest “Punch” Comeback Teasers

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NCT 127 kicks up the excitement further as they hook fans in with electrifying teasers for their newest tracks!

NCT 127 turns up the energy and hype for their nearing return with the repackage album NCT#127 Neo Zone: The Final Round through back-to-back teasers of their three new songs.

nct 127

On May 17, the group shared the exciting preview of their newest title track’s music video which featured an explosion of lights and visuals.

Titled “Punch”, NCT 127’s newest track hails from the urban soul hip-hop genre and visualizes the dynamic beat that rings in the ears of boxer who climbs the ring.

Together with its intense and unique lead synth sound, the song contains lyrics that tackle overcoming lonely moments of fighting alone. Along with the dynamic beat and an exciting line from the track, the group also gave a sneak peek at parts of its choreography.

While NCT#127 Neo Zone: The Final Round is set to be released on May 19 at 6 PM KST, the music video for “Punch” will be dropped later on at 12 AM KST of May 20. Prior to the track’s teaser clip, the group also shared their concept photos which took on a raging red theme.

nct 127 punch

The other new tracks from the repackage album also got to take spotlights of their own with earlier teasers revealed by the group. Complete with their own set of teaser photos and a teaser video as well, the songs “Make Your Day” and “NonStop” received tons of excitement from NCTzens as they await its full release.

Photos and videos from SM Entertainment