NCT DREAM Steals Hearts Once More In “Love Again” Track Teasers For “RELOAD” Comeback

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NCT DREAM will be bidding goodbye to their “first love” theme as they further prepare to grow up.

For their nearing comeback, NCT DREAM will be marking the finale of their “first love”-themed trilogy series with the new b-side track “Love Again”.

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The group revealed the concept of yet another track that fans can highly look forward to hearing on their upcoming mini-album RELOAD, which will be unveiled to the public on April 29.

Drawing attention with their free and sporty charms, the boys revealed their teaser poster for the track “Love Again” on the midnight of April 24. Containing a faded red background, the poster took on a retro vibe with both its effects and the members’ styling.

They then followed up with a new set of teaser photos at 6 PM KST, where they donned the same hip outfits and presented an old-school aura, just like the poster.

As previewed on their teaser video, “Love Again” is an R&B hip-hop song containing old school bass elements. Moreover, it will mark the continuation of their running theme in the songs “My First and Last”, which contained a teenage boy’s confident love confession, and “Bye My First…” which narrated the conclusion of a first love, which came from their previous album releases.

It will also serve as the last offering from NCT DREAM’s “first love” trilogy series, which raises even more curiosity about the song.

Aside from “Love Again”, RELOAD will also contain four other songs. This includes the b-sides “Puzzle Piece”, “7 Days”, and “Quiet Down” as well as the exciting urban trap song “Ridin’” which will serve as the mini-album’s lead track.

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