NCT Dream Proves They Are Ready To Conquer The Future Stronger And Happier In Their Latest MV

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Spreading love and building trust, NCT Dream shines the brightest with their newest masterpiece Hello Future.

Sharing one goal of making a path in writing their own stories. The future of these seven dreamers has finally begun.


With big dreams and big thrills, the seven members of NCT Dream say hello to their future. From being the adorable artists who captured the fans with their amazing talents while riding hoverboards to now that they turned into more mature and stronger young adults, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung are already on their way up for a better and brighter future.

Hello Future is an upbeat dance track that combines a powerful synth sound and ecstatic mood hook where you can feel the energetic vibe of NCT Dream members.

Apart from its catchy beat, the lyrics of the song are what make their repackaged album more meaningful. The message that lies in every word teaches and encourages everyone to overcome the scars of yesterday and continue to grow and be the person that they always dream of becoming in the future.


NCT Dream surprised the fans with their first full-length album Hot Sauce where they have shown overflowing confidence through their powerful dance moves. And was able to produce another masterpiece through their repackaged album.

NCT Dream members are indeed ready to welcome another journey that will lead them to a colorful and bigger future. The positive message of the song is perfectly matched with an eye-catching music video, showing the members charming chemistry and lively dance performance.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment | NCT Dream’s Instagram