NCT DREAM Signals New Era With Teasers For 2nd Album “The Glitch Mode”

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This is not a drill: NCT DREAM is coming to treat fans with a new album this March!

Signaling the start of a brand-new era, the well-loved K-pop boy group NCT DREAM has unveiled details for their much-anticipated comeback.

At midnight KST today, the septet dropped their first teaser containing the album name and release date on social media. Based on the post, the group will release their second full-length album Glitch Mode on March 28. This will mark as their first comeback in nine months since releasing their first repackaged album Hello Future in June last year.

Fans should stay tuned as to what kind of concept, genres of music, and transformations Mark, Jeno, Renjun, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung have in store for their upcoming return.

Heightening fans’ excitement, NCT DREAM also shared their thoughts about their new album through their “2nd Kick-off meeting” video on YouTube.

Hoping to captivate fans more through their comeback, Haechan said, “There are sides of us that many people think of. I believe showing those aspects would be the most important. ‘So this is why I like this group,’ I want to remind people of that again.”

“We’ll put our heart and soul into the new album and show you the 7DREAM power,” said Mark.

Watch the full video of NCT DREAM 2nd Kick-off meeting here:

Source: SM Entertainment