NCT DREAM Unveils Crazy Jalapeño Concept Teasers For First Full Album “Hot Sauce”

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Around two weeks left before NCT DREAM’s comeback!

Introducing an exciting brand-new era to fans, well-loved K-pop male septet NCT DREAM has dropped the first batch of concept photos for their full-length album Hot Sauce.

Unveiling their Crazy Jalapeño concept photos, NCT DREAM first released the teasers featuring Mark and Jeno on April 20.

On April 21, the group then revealed the captivating concept photos of Jaemin, Haechan, and Chenle.

Additionally, they released the fun teasers featuring Jisung and Renjun on April 22.

A day after, the boys further heightened fans’ anticipation by unveiling their highly-anticipated group concept photos.

Based on their timetable, NCT DREAM will release their Boring Jalapeño concept photos from April 26 to 29.  A week later, the group will also drop their Chilling Jalapeño teasers. The septet will likewise share DREAMVERSE video clips to introduce the atmosphere of their new tracks on May 5 to 7. Moreover, they will release Jalapeño! (Scoville 274) and a music video teaser on May 8 and 9, respectively.

Hot Sauce will be released on May 10 KST.  Aside from the title song of the same name, it will also house nine other brand-new tracks of various genres.

Notably, this will mark the group’s first album in a year since the release of Reload in April 2020. More importantly, this will be their first comeback with Mark in over two years since their second mini-album We Go Up in September 2018.

Source: SM Entertainment