NCT Members Cutely Reenact Their Baby Photos For Children’s Day

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We can’t decide which version of NCT is cuter!

South Korean boy group NCT is making fans gush with their cuteness as the members unveil reenactment of their childhood photos on Twitter.

Photos of the 18 members were uploaded on the social networking site which were presented in tow versions — baby and NCT.

Taeyong, Johnny, Taeil, Doyoung, Lucas, Jungwoo, Kun, Winwin, Chenle, Jaemin, Mark, Jisung, Yuta, Jeno, Haechan, Ten, Jaehyun, and Renjun gamely posed for the camera.

They copied the poses of their baby photos and tried to recreate their clothing and details as well.

And we compiled the photos for you. Check out the oozing cuteness of the boy group below.

A fan commented “fixed it” with a re-uploading of the photo where NCT was replaced with “baby”, probably referring to Jungwoo’s baby-like charms that hasn’t waned even after all these years.

On Chenle’s post, fans commented other childhood photos of the idol, suggesting that it would have been classic if he recreated those instead. Still, this photos is as cute as any childhood photos because Chenle is that cute.

Fans are getting emotional on Yuta’s post. Most fans commented “I’m crying” over the photo.

“Congratulations, YOU ARE STILL THE CUTEST BOY OVER” read the top comment on Renjun’s post and we agree that the caps lock is necessary.

A fan praised Johnny for the perfect recreation — from the beanie to the hand pose. As the fan said, “I love a perfectionist.”

Although we love this recreation, a fan expressed her disappointment because she was expecting another photo to be recreated which is this.

“What is with this quality content?” a fan said it perfectly. And we won’t say more — our featured image everyone.

It’s raining hearts in NCTzens’ fandom thanks to Kun. “Why are so cute, Kun?” Also our question.

Fandom hug to every NCTzen who was attacked by the unchanging beauty that is NCT’s Jaemin. That smile will forever stay, right?

Fans have found another evidence that this is Doyoung’s favorite pose when he was young. We give you another cuteness overload. Please click at your own risk.

Jeno grew up well! And the dog too. If NCT celebrates Children’s Day like this each year, we might melt with all these loveliness.

We leave this top comment right here which basically sums up what we feel about Mark too — “the sweetest kid”.

And so the tears flow once more in the fandom. After this photo of Taeil, can you handle more?

Say goodbye to the charismatic leader of NCT for a while and marvel at Taeyong’s child-like charm today.

We will condense our opinion on this photo in five words: Jisung’s cheeks are so irresistible.

If you want more baby Ten, check out fans’ comments on the tweet which were filled with the content you did not know you needed.

“You are so precious,” commented one fan. “You are an angel,” wrote another. But the most liked comment is a meme on “how to give this man more lines”. Come on, SM! How can you resist those doe-like eyes?

This photo confirms, just like what the comment reads, Jaehyun is the “cutest since 1997.”

If you made it this far, congratulations to you! Kidding aside, Happy Children’s Day to all of us. May we always be child at heart.

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