New project team W&JAS releases OST for ‘Can We Get Married’

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The band W (Where the story ends) has found new vocalist JAS to create a new project team.

The unique electronic pop band W has joined with Voice of Korea‘s JAS to create a new project team W&JAS for a new lively OST Speed Up for JTBC’s Can We Get Married. W&JAS has been giving a fresh sensation to the music industry through RPG Shine, along with the sound making of W&Whale that has appeared.

JAS left an impression of her powerful vocal talents to many viewers through a cable-channel audition program.  She has finally returned to the music scene with an lively and upbeat melody that contains a hopeful message of Speed Up showing her perfect high pitches.

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday series Can We Get Married starring Jung Somin and Sung Jun is the story of sisters who learn to realize their true selves through the experience of marriage and divorce. The characters play out a fun and lively procedure between love and marriage with honest feelings and has become an issue among netizens.

W&JAS is dreaming of a new evolution and will be preparing performances and album promotions with the base of electronic and colorful pop.

Check out the Speed Up by the new project group W&JAS below:

[vsw id=”0tIlFm3slKg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

 Source: news and photo-direct correspondence with Fluxus Music; video- fluxus

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