K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: N.Flying Relays Messages With Great New Music In 7th Mini-Album “So, 通”

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N.Flying never fails to amaze fans with how well they communicate their thoughts through music!

N.Flying truly and definitely delivered another roster of excellent music which encompassed their colors and talents as a band in their latest comeback mini-album. Titled So, 通, the mini-album which tackled the theme of communication, was headlined by the riveting track “Oh really.”


Comeback Countdown Timeline

The band shared their delightful comeback news to fans on May 28 through a poster bearing their mini-album and its lead track’s titles as well as its release date. Hinting at the concept and message that their new music would carry as well, N.Flying revved up excitement for their first return as a quintet with So, 通.

Shortly afterward, the group teased fans with a melody spoiler for “Oh really.” which leads their upcoming seventh mini-album.

Helping N.Fia mark down the important dates for their comeback countdown, the band then shared their teaser schedule poster on May 31.


Opening fans’ months in the loveliest way possible, they immediately followed this up with their two sets of teaser photos for So, 通. Unveiled on June 1 and 2, the snapshots showed each member’s captivating charms as they posed both individually and as a group.

On May 3, N.Flying blessed fans with a teaser of their quirky music video for the mini-album’s lead track “Oh really.”

Before releasing its second part on May 5, the band also gave fans a quick performance preview of the song by playing it along with their previous hits in a medley called N.Thing Playlist.

Delighting fans with simultaneous musical treats, the boys then gave a glimpse of the music that they had prepared for their return. On May 7, they dropped the tracklist of So, 通 and immediately gave life to their six new songs by sharing snippets of it through a highlight medley.


Giving fans the ultimate surprise of the month, N.Flying released their quirky and colourful music video for “Oh really.” ahead on May 8 before their official comeback on May 10.

So, 通 Album Impression

N.Flying never fails to display their musical colours for their comebacks—emphasis on “never”. Their seventh mini-album once again proved their prowess as a band by showing a variety of genres that signified how the group is not afraid of experimenting with their music.

“Oh really.” which served as the lead track for So, 通 features an upbeat (especially in its chorus) but relatively chill rhythm. These elements make it very pleasing to listen to no matter what mood you’re in.

Containing in-depth lyrics that are very relevant to today’s generation, “Oh really.” aims to pose a question to listeners. It relatably asks, “Are we really communicating or are we locking up the chance to show our sincerity ourselves by giving a soulless answer like “Oh, really?”

Meanwhile, “Flower Fantasy” showcases a combination of a desolate piano melody and powerful sounds from the band’s instruments.

In true N.Flying spirit, “YOUTH” adds to their discography as another bright ode to the young generation. Expressing one’s youth in colourful music, the song makes you feel revitalized after listening to its guitar riffs and energizing lyrics.

Lining up next to “Oh really.” as our next new favorite N.Flying song is “I’M GONNA”. Its heart-fluttering melody, which comes on top of a beat that combines trap and bossa nova, is complemented well by its playful lyrics and the band’s overall energy and versatility.

Mellowing down the atmosphere, the ballad “Last Song” shows the warm harmony between the beautiful voices of Seung Hyub and Hwe Seung.

Lastly, “E-YO” has a very sweet, lively, hopeful, and warm melody that will make your heart feel full while listening to it. It is also written by the members with messages they want to share to their dear N.Fia.

All in all, the six songs from So, 通 are able to encompass different, new sounds for N.Flying, who showed their growth as musicians once again. Moreover, leader Seung Hyub also deserves a special shout-out for proving his capabilities as a songwriter and producer once more by taking the helm for all of the mini-album’s tracks.

“Oh really.” MV Afterthoughts

We love everything that shows N.Flying just having fun—and that’s why this music video where they unleashed their playful sides caught our hearts once again.

In contrast to its serious lyrics, the music video for “Oh really.” contained a fun and quirky vibe that will make fans laugh from start to finish.

The variety of skits that they filled the video with had also added to the unique and amusing atmosphere of the video. Showcasing each member’s acting skills, these skits were then cleverly tied up by the concept of Seung Hyub watching television programs due to his group mates ignoring him.

Aside from the vibrant burst of colors all throughout the video, we also love how they showcased their light stick here. We also didn’t miss how sweetly the music video introduced their newest member Dong Sung and the band’s already-astounding chemistry with him in the clip.

Overall, the music video for “Oh really.” was a delight to watch—just like how it was such a delight to listen to N.Flying’s newest mini-album. One last takeaway though, is that the members look extremely glorious in leather jackets—yes, we just had to say it.

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