NOWADAYS To Treat Fans With New Track

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Hyun Bin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, Siyoon surprise fans with released artwork for their follow-up song “TICKET”!

This track serves as a follow-up to their debut single “NOWADAYS”, which was released on April 2.

It’s quite uncommon for a rookie group to drop a new music video just a month after their debut.

The “TICKET” artwork captures a sense of excitement, depicting the feeling of leaving behind worries and embarking on a journey.

Notably, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the “TICKET” music video, scheduled for 6 PM on the 13th. The artwork cleverly incorporates elements like an airplane ticket, with departure details reflecting the debut date of NOWADAYS on April 2 and gate numbers symbolizing each of the five members.

“TICKET” is a pop song with an infectious chorus that lingers in the mind long after listening. Together with their debut title track ‘OoWee’, it has garnered attention and anticipation from fans.

In their debut music video for “OoWee”, NOWADAYS portrayed the image of rebellious youths cautious of falling in love, only to be struck by Cupid’s arrow in their pursuit. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the visual aesthetics and storyline that will unfold in the ‘TICKET’ music video.

NOWADAYS marks Cube Entertainment’s first boy group debut in 8 years. A

part from music promotions, they’ve been well-received for their diverse activities including magazine features and appearances on entertainment shows.