NTX Is Gearing Up for Electrifying Comeback with ‘Hold X’

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NTX is set to ignite the K-pop scene with their sophomore mini album ‘Hold X’ on July 9th.

K-pop group NTX is set to make waves in the music scene with their highly anticipated second mini album ‘Hold X,’ scheduled for release on July 9, 2024. The nine-member group, consisting of Hyeonjin, Yunhyeok, Jaemin, Changhun, Hojun, Rawhyun, Eunho, Seungwon, and Jiseong, is ready to showcase their growth and versatility with this new project. However, fans should note that Jiseong will not be participating in this comeback, as he recently concluded activities with the project group, TAN, and is taking time to rest and reset.

‘Hold X’ marks NTX’s first comeback in 2024 and comes nearly eight months after their previous EP, ‘ODD HOUR,’ which was released in November 2023. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the group, and it seems the wait will be well worth it.

The upcoming mini album is led by the title track, “PROBLEMATIC,” which promises to be a bold and captivating song that highlights NTX’s unique sound. What makes this release particularly special is the significant creative input from the members themselves. Rawhyun has taken a central role in the album’s production, participating in writing and composing all five songs on the album and arranging four of them. This level of involvement showcases the group’s continued commitment to delivering authentic music to their fans.

Additionally, members Changhun and Seungwon contributed their talents to the album by writing lyrics for two songs. This collaborative effort within the group adds a personal touch to ‘Hold X,’ promising lyrics that resonate deeply with their audience.

The concept photos for ‘Hold X’ have already begun to stir up excitement among fans. They present two contrasting yet equally compelling looks. One set of photos showcases a rock-inspired aesthetic, exuding confidence and edge. In contrast, the other set features a sporty take on a schoolboy look, demonstrating the group’s versatility and charm. These dual concepts hint at the diverse range of music and performances fans can expect from the album.

As part of their comeback promotions, NTX is set to make their debut on the international stage with a show in Los Angeles this August. This event marks a significant milestone for the group, providing an opportunity to connect with their global fanbase and potentially expand their reach in the international market.

With ‘Hold X’, NTX is poised to take their artistry to new heights. The combination of member-driven creative input, diverse concepts, and the promise of electrifying challenges suggests that this comeback will be a defining moment in NTX’s career. As July 9 approaches, anticipation continues to build for what could be one of the most exciting K-Pop releases of the summer.

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