NU’EST Releases Exciting Pre-Listening #1 For 2nd Full Album “Romanticize”

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NU’EST gives a sneak peek into their much-awaited 2nd full album!

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NU’EST piqued anticipations with a glimpse of five songs in the 2nd full album Romanticize through a pre-listening.

Released in the midnight of April 13, fans were able to listen to some parts of the songs. The song credits list was already an awe but the pre-listening was definitely something more spectacular.

The pre-listening #1 features the first five tracks in the album, drawing heightened attention. Particularly, each track is played alongside the presentation of the official unit and group photos released earlier.

Specifically, the first track “DRESS” opens the album pre-listening, capturing curiosity with its strong bass and rhythmic tune.

Next, the title song “INSIDE OUT” features a minimal track sound based on the Chill House genre. The song delicately depicts complex movements and emotions, especially NU’EST’s wonderful vocals. Particularly, JR participated in the songwriting while Baekho’s name was included at the songwriting and composition credits.

The third track “DON’T WANNA GO” stands out with its urban R&B genre.

Further, “BLACK” expresses the moment when a person experiences the new world under a colorful and infinite charm of the other, showing off a wider and mature spectrum of NU’EST.

Lastly, the fifth track “DRIVE” is a Korean version of the group’s title song for the Japanese full album released in October last year. The song features rhythmic guitar performances and strong yet soft themes.

NU'EST Official Unit And Group Concept Photos 2nd Full Album Romanticize

Meanwhile, NU’EST will continue to fascinate fans and the general audiences with more content to be released ahead of the comeback. The group will release the 2nd full album Romanticize on April 19 at 6PM KST.

Source: OSEN