Oh My Girl Banhana To Bring The “Banana Allergy Monkey” Wave In Japan

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Japan will soon ride the “Banana Allergy Monkey” wave as Oh My Girl Banhana gears up for its debut!

Oh My Girl Banhana, Oh My Girl’s sub-group, is announced to debut in Japan by the end of August.

Signing with Sony Music, Japan’s largest entertainment company, the subgroup will release its first debut mini album on August 29.

But before Oh My Girl Banhana awes Japan with new music, the members are going to kick off their debut with a showcase on August 28.

Oh My Girl Banhana

They are taking an unusual step forward by making a subgroup debut before the whole group in another country but we are sure that Miracles will support them no matter what.

In line with their local management contract, they are also preparing for the group’s full-fledged debut and we are so excited about it!

Oh My Girl debuted on April 21, 2015 with “Cupid” as B1A4’s sister group under WM Entertainment.

They are currently comprised of seven members: Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, and Arin.

Oh My Girl

(Photo from WM Entertainment)

They won their first music show trophy on The Show last January 23, 2018 and their second music show trophy just four days after on Show Champion!

The subgroup’s members are Hyojung, the charismatic leader; Binnie, the short-haired cutie and Arin, the shy maknae.

Oh My Girl Banhana

(Photos from WM Entertainment)

They released the pop-up album Oh My Girl BANHANA – Banana Allergy Monkey on April 2 and debuted with it’s title track, “Banana Allergy Monkey”, last April 5 at M Countdown.

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