ONEUS Transforms Into Otherworldly Creatures In Illustrations For 10th Mini Album “La Dolce Vita”

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ONEUS stuns with first teasers for its upcoming 10th mini-album, releasing September 26th!

On September 11, agency RBW posted the story artwork and personal illustrations of the tenth mini-album La Dolce Vita on its K-Pop group ONEUS’ official SNS channels.

The released photo shows Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion transformed into mermen with the brilliant sea in the background. The members’ blue hair, white tops, and large mermaid tails combine to create a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of a fairytale. The members showed the essence of ‘wistful sexiness’ with deep eyes.

ONUES will release its tenth mini-album La Dolce Vita, meaning ‘Sweet Life’, on September 26th. The title song is “Baila Conmigo,” which is filled with the meaning of wanting to dance with the one you love.

On September 12, the group further increased anticipation of its 10th mini album by unveiling its first concept photos for the La Dolce Vita comeback. Featuring member Seoho, the four-photo set series highlights the eldest member’s ethereal appeal. Pictured in a variety of concepts accentuating both lightness and darkness, Seoho’s alluring visuals are on full display. Expectations have skyrocketed for the remaining members’ concept images and what they will entail.

Meanwhile, ONEUS’ tenth mini-album La Dolce Vita will be released on various music sites at 6 PM  KST on September 26.

Source: SpoTV News

Image Credit: RBW