ONEUS Raises Anticipation For Comeback With Tracklist Reveal And First Set Of Concept Photos

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ONEUS is ready to place themselves between lightness and darkness for their first comeback!

ONEUS basks in the rising anticipation for their nearing first comeback with the mini-album Raise Us! As they slowly near its scheduled release on May 29 at 6 PM KST, the group has already begun preparing fans to think about them from day to night with attention-grabbing teasers along the way.

Photo from RBW

The rookie boy group finally unveiled the mini-album’s tracklist on May 20, showing off its collection of six thrilling tracks in total. Headlining it as the title song is an original work with lyrics written by members Leedo and Ravn named “Twilight”.

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Meanwhile, its five other tracks are titled “Intro: Time”, “English Girl”, “BingBing”, “White Night”, and “Now”.

Photo from RBW

On May 17, the group commenced its individual photo teaser countdown with several eye-catching images of Leedo and Keonhee. Going for a fierce and sophisticated look, the two gave fans a sneak peek of what they could look forward to for their first-ever comeback following their debut song “Valkyrie”.

Continuing off with the visual explosion on May 18 were members Seoho and Ravn, whose teaser photos are filled with a dangerously chic aura further heightening the anticipation for the group’s comeback.

Last but not the least, Xion and Hwanwoong pulled fans in, with their teaser image sets on May 19. Leaving their stunning visuals engrained in fans’ minds is all thanks to their magazine pictorial-ready shots.

The rookie boy group debuted under RBW in January, and with eyes on them as MAMAMOO’s junior brother group, they were able to win a lot of fans’ hearts quickly. With their variety of talents topped by amazing vocals, ONEUS successfully landed on music charts right away during their debut.

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In March, member Ravn took a temporary break from activities due to health concerns and personal reasons. Thankfully, he recovered and returned just in time for Raise Us.