ONEUS Gears Up For Debut As RBW’s First Boy Group With Continuous Teasers

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We’re about to meet ONEUS – RBW’s first ever boy group – very soon!

RBW slowly introduces their first boy group ONEUS to the world as their debut date gets nearer!

Photo from RBW

The entertainment agency behind MAMAMOO is producing a six-member boy group who will meet the world with an album on January 9 for the very first time. Titled Light Us, the album will be the debut milestone of ONEUS, jumpstarting the group’s careers and showing off their charms.

The six-member group consists of some names you might have heard of before already – including former Produce 101 Season 2 participants Keonhee and Hwanwoong. Keonhee was known by his real name Lee Gun Hee for the show, while Hwanwoong went by his real name Yeo Hwan Woong.

Photo from RBW

Two of the group’s members formerly participated in MIXNINE as well, namely Seoho who was known as Lee Gun Min, and Ravn who was known as Kim Young Jo. Completing the group are members Leedo and Xion.

Seoho participated in both MIXNINE and Produce 101 Season 2, while Keonhee even made it to the Top 35 of the latter.

Photo from RBW

The group’s name came from the combination of the words “ONE” from “each and every single fan” and “US”. Together, those words produce a significant meaning for the group – “ONEUS will show the “Us” which becomes “One” in gathering each person’s individual strengths”.

RBW has continuously dropped concept photos and film since last Christmas’ eve, starting off with their individual Intro Trailers featuring each member. Check out their official Twitter account for the complete teasers.

To mark their debut, ONEUS will be holding their first concert, titled Masterpiece on the same day, January 9, at 8 PM KST.

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