ONEUS Starts The Solo Teasers Parade For “BINARY CODE” With Member Xion

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XION flaunts his stunning looks and moves in solo teasers for ONEUS’ comeback!

After hinting at the exciting new comeback, ONEUS is now beginning to deliver the individual teasers for each of its members. The first one to be in the spotlight is the youngest, member XION.

The first released teasers were a set of concept photos, shared on April 29. In the images, the idol drew attention with his visual beauty and alluring gaze. The red outfit stood out on the black background, complimenting the idol’s light hairstyle and his features even more.

At midnight on April 30, another teaser for XION appeared, this time in the form of a video. The clip featured the artist dancing to the group’s new song “BLACK MIRROR”, introducing the addictive sound of the track.

XION demonstrates his smooth moves and attractive facial expressions, raising the anticipation for the comeback.

Previously, ONEUS dropped various teasers such as the contrasting group photos, the track list and a music video teaser. In addition to the title track “BLACK MIRROR”, the mini-album will also include tracks such as “Connect with US”, “Polarity”, “Happy Birthday” and a rock version of “Valkyrie”.

“BLACK MIRROR” will focus on the fact that modern people use technology too much and the world one can discover after breaking free from its tempting trap. Excitement keeps growing with each day that we get closer to the comeback.

The group is expected to follow up with the teasers for the other members, creating further anticipation among fans.

Meanwhile, ONEUS plans to make a comeback with its fifth mini-album BINARY CODE, which is set for release on May 11, at 6 PM KST.

Source & Image credit: RBW Entertainment