Ong Seong Wu Shows His Multitude Of Charms In “Layers” Teaser Photos

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When it comes to someone as multi-faceted as Ong Seong Wu, having a plethora of charms comes oh-so-naturally.

Ong Seong Wu spices up the wait for his first mini-album with the back-to-back releases of his captivating sets of teaser photos!

Looking like masterpieces from actual fashion magazine photoshoots, the latest teasers that Ong Seong Wu shared to his fans as the release date of his first mini-album Layers edges nearer has hiked up even more anticipation!

Lighting up the K-Pop scene with his upcoming comeback as a singer, the idol-actor unveiled mesmerizing sets of teaser photos which also contained titles of the tracks included in his mini-album.

The first set of teaser photos released on March 11 showed the idol-actor basking in neon lights and looking like an absolute model.

Layer #1

On the next day, he shared a set titled as “Layer #1 – Gravitate” which focused on his sophisticated charms amidst a striking red background.

It also projected the title “Gravity”, a song from the album which will tell the story of the new courage one gets from another, just like its keyword “gravitate”.

Layer #2

Bringing back a neon palette with standout pinks and oranges, Ong shared the third set of teaser photos titled “Layer #2 – Comfort” on March 13. The photos also contained the text “Cafe For You”, which is the title of another track from the album.

It is a song that expresses gratitude for those who always silently cheer on you no matter what. Listeners can feel the warmth of the idol-actor, who wants to be someone’s comfort all the time – just like a cafe which is always a comfortable place to rest in.

Layer #3

Lastly, the idol-actor showed his darker side with his intense gazes on the final set titled “Layer #3 – Hollow”.

The song “After Dark” is the center of the set, and it is described as an expression of having endless questions about yourself and the emptiness that comes out of it. The story that Ong is set to tell in the song is about the self-consciousness that everyone must have felt at least once in their lives, making it easy for listeners to resonate with.

Containing a list of songs that Ong Seong Wu himself participated in writing and composing, the mini-album Layers is set to be released on March 25 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Fantagio | Star News


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