Park Ji Hoon Makes Successful Solo Debut With Cinematic “L.O.V.E” Music Video

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Park Ji Hoon has taken fans to a romantic date while showcasing his variety of talents for his solo debut music video!

Park Ji Hoon has successfully made everyone fall in love with the release of his solo debut music video for “L.O.V.E”!

Screengrab from Maroo Entertainment

The former Wanna One member made his booming arrival to the music industry as a solo artist on March 26 with his first mini-album O’ CLOCK and the music video for its title track “L.O.V.E”.

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Marking his first release as a solo artist, Ji Hoon made sure to showcase all of his talents on the video – including singing, rapping, dancing, and even acting on the side. With a song all on his own, he was able to make the world hear just how beautiful, soft, and honey-like his voice was.

Screengrab from Maroo Entertainment

As if he was waiting for someone in the video, the multi-talented idol sang about cherishing a special person who became a part of one’s life and remembering the moments spent with them along with starting a new journey. Moreover, the R&B track, which balanced being catchy and relaxing at the same time, captured fans’ hearts with its pure and sincere confession of “L.O.V.E”.

The cinematography of the music video cannot be ignored, either. He tours fans around the picturesque sights of Prague, where he shot his music video. Its attention to intricate details all contributed to its overall scenic feel, including the play between bright and gloomy palettes in the video.

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Additionally, his video’s dreamy location perfectly matched his ethereal beauty, which was also one of its striking highlights. We mean, he wouldn’t have dyed his hair red – the color associated with love – if not, right?

Watch the music video for “L.O.V.E” by Park Ji Hoon below:

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