Park Ji Hoon Sets Final Date For March Solo Debut

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Prepare to capture new music from Park Ji Hoon in your hearts this month!

Maroo Entertainment announced on March 7 the final debut date of Park Ji Hoon as a solo artist.

The former Wanna One member’s agency made his fans buzzing with excitement when it confirmed March 26 as the idol’s solo debut date.

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Park ji hoon

(Photo from Singles magazine)

The singer-rapper-dancer will release an album for his first venture as a solo musician following the conclusion of his activities with Wanna One.

Maroo Entertainment also informed fans that pre-orders may begin on March 11. His new music will be available on various music sites like Interpark, Synnara, Yes24, and more upon his debut.

The idol earlier teased one of the tracks in his album titled “Young 20” during his fan meetings in Seoul and Taiwan. The track is written and produced by his former fellow Wanna One member Lee Daehwi. It received positive feedback from fans for its youthful vibe.

Earlier, Park Ji Hoon set off to Prague for the music video shoot in preparation for his solo debut.