Park Ji Yeon Looks Back At Her Years With T-Ara In An Interview

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The actress looks back at her years with girl group T-Ara with nothing but warmth and gratitude

In the ten years she spent in the industry, Park Ji Yeon has made a name for herself as an actress and singer. She has starred in well-loved K-Dramas such as Dream High 2 in 2012, Triangle in 2014, and I Wanna Hear Your Song in 2019.

Park Ji Yeon

Despite this, she remains thankful and constantly looks back at the group that made her rise to fame possible: her family, T-Ara. 


The actress recently sat down with SpoTV News for an interview, where she expressed her affection for the famous girl group.

“T-Ara was my youth,” the actress explains, “I miss them all the time.” She also notes that the members remain good friends, despite pursuing different careers under different agencies.

On the topic of reuniting with her group, Ji Yeon makes no promises, but notes that there have been talks about holding one.

“There are parts that seem realistic, but the reunion isn’t happening right now,” she notes. “We do hope to stand on stage once more and greet the crowd as T-Ara.”

To better explain her relationship with the rest of T-Ara, she refers to jTBC’s Camping Club: a show that followed first-generation girl group Fin.K.L’s reunion. “The seniors have moved through the process [of reuniting] and taken the steps together,” Ji-yeon explains, revealing that this aspect of the show made her shed tears. 

“We’d also like to become those seniors: we’re in that process right now and we’re in the middle of taking that step as a group too.”

Ji Yeon goes on to note that the members were an integral part of her going through the challenges that they faced in T-Ara. “We members talk about different stories amongst ourselves a lot,” she reveals. “Without each other, we wouldn’t have been able to endure things—we really are like a family.”


Source: SpoTV News

Image Source: Park Brothers