Park WanKyu releases 5th full-length album ‘Love Story’

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Park WanKyu has finally unveiled his 5th full-length album, Love Story, on September 10.

Park, who has been actively singing OST’s and releasing digital singles, is finally back with an album after 5 years since his last release back in 2006. Fifteen tracks are in this album, with I Do as the title track. He is known for his clear voice and strong vocals, so you definitely have to check out his latest release.

Park WanKyu was the vocalist of South Korean rock band, Boohwal. He left the band within a year and unleashed his first solo album in 1999, titled 1000 Years of Love. One of his hit tracks was Lonely Night.

1. I Do 
2. I Do (Piano Ver.)
3. I Do (Guitar Ver.)
4. Clean up
5. Suho
6. Suho (Piano Ver.)
7. Before I loved you
8. Before I loved you (Acoustic Ver.)
9. Because I love you
10. I love you
11. Fisherman`s son
12. Can`t have you
13. I loved you
14. Confession
15. A story of old couple

Listen to all the preview here.

Source: News & Photo – Bugs Korea, Boo-hwal

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