K-Pop Music Spotlight: PENTAGON Rages On With A Royally Intense Revolution In “Basquiat”

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PENTAGON made their strong, resounding voices loud and clear, indeed.

PENTAGON truly made and put the crown on themselves with the outstanding and powerful performance video they released for their song “Basquiat” on the midnight of June 30.


“Basquiat” Release Countdown

While PENTAGON first performed “Basquiat” as their finale song on the Mnet program Road to Kingdom, its special music video release was teased to fans on the midnight of June 20 with a suspense-filled intro VCR.

On June 22, the group unveiled a teaser photo and short concept teaser video which showcased a promising revolution.

Starting from June 23 with Wooseok, the group then shared two teaser photos and a concept teaser video for each member per day.

Released in a reverse age order, the fierce teasers of Wooseok were followed by Kino and his expressive eyes on June 24. Yuto then unleashed his fury in his teasers revealed on June 25, while Yeo One showed his astounding acting skills on June 26.

Despite lying down on the sand in the blazing heat, Shinwon managed to stay charismatic on his teasers unveiled on June 27. Meanwhile, Hongseok stunned fans with his strong presence with his intense teasers on June 28. Lastly, Hui led a blazing atmosphere with his striking stares towards the camera for his teasers on June 29.

Finally, just a few hours before the music video’s release, the members of PENTAGON posed together for a group photo which exuded power in every angle.


“Basquiat” First Impression And MV Afterthoughts

Written and composed by Hui and Wooseok themselves, “Basquiat” contains a powerful melody and overall aura which showcases the wide range and depth of PENTAGON’s musical colours.

Aside from its electrifying and catchy beat, the electronic rock dance track also leaves a lasting impression as it bears an encouraging message on finding freedom for people whose voices are attempted to be silenced by others.

As conveyed by its title, “Basquiat” takes artistic inspiration from the work of influential African-American cultural figure, musician, neo-expressionist painter, and graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Containing as much intensity as the song itself, the music video for “Basquiat” began with a compilation of all the scenes shown in each member’s concept teaser video.

By the time Hui raised his head from the ground, the text “I resist the gaze created by the times” was flashed on the screen. The song’s title then appears, and the scene suddenly shifts to one where PENTAGON finally gets to take control.

The music video for “Basquiat” heavily emphasizes the astounding synchronization of the group, as well as their clear-cut and detailed choreography. Every stomp, jump, and slide radiated power as well, just like the PENTAGON members’ spine-tingling expressions throughout the clip.

Moreover, we loved how the red string from Universe: The Black Hall made an appearance in the video. In fact, Kino even showed its upgrade towards the end as he held a glowing version of it, placing a wonderful symbolism that made “Basquiat” even more intriguing.

Wrapping up with a chilling conclusion, the music video then ends with the words “I make and put on the crown myself.”

Overall, PENTAGON’s “Basquiat” is a release fit for a king—and the immense power that it radiates proves just so.

Photos and video from Cube Entertainment

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