K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: PENTAGON – 1st Studio Album “Universe: The Black Hall”

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PENTAGON has delved into a darker and more angsty side for their latest comeback with Universe: The Black Hall and its title track “Dr. BeBe”!

PENTAGON has taken on a psychological thriller plot for their latest comeback with their first full-length album Universe: The Black Hall and its intense title track “Dr. BeBe”, which were released on February 12.


Universe: The Black Hall Comeback Timeline

The group first teased about their return with a trailer revealed on January 28 which contains a space theme together with the details of Universe: The Black Hall.

They then followed it up with a teaser image which showed a dark concept emphasizing on a chilling red door left open.


On February 3, they unveiled the eleven new songs fans would hear soon through a thrilling tracklist which showed how PENTAGON’s members hugely participated in making all of the songs on the album.


The group then showed their dark and stunning visuals for their concept photo sets on February 3 and 5, teasing the madness that envelopes the concept for their return.

While the first set showed a dark and moody vibe, the second set of concept photos took on a more colourful yet more spine-tingling theme.

An album trailer has also been unveiled in between the two sets of concept photos on February 4.

Meanwhile, the highlight medley for Universe: The Black Hall was revealed on February 6, bringing the songs from the tracklist to life and giving fans a slice of heaven with snippets of these new musical masterpieces from the group.

Adding to their teaser videos are the individual concept films they released on February 7 which gave fans a further peek at the UPSIDE and DOWNSIDE versions of the album.

Last before they made their comeback on the 12th, their music video teaser revealed on February 10 previewed the spine-tingling concept that they are taking on for “Dr. BeBe”, leaving a lot of fans excited for the wild ride they are about to get on.

“Dr. BeBe” MV Afterthoughts

“Love, fall, hurt, and crazy” – those were the first words that opened “Dr. BeBe” courtesy of Kino, and it already left shivers especially as it repeated during the song’s chorus.

Radiating a rich sound altogether, the track was composed of an excellent mixture of various heart-stopping elements such as Hui’s vocals, Jinho’s high notes, and the beautiful harmonies made with ad-libs at the background, among others.

PENTAGON’s rap line also slayed this song – of course, as it contained strong and intense beats, it was only fitting that the rap verses hit hard, which Yuto and Wooseok delivered impeccably.

The music video was just like the song – dark, angsty, and raw. While on one side they were decked in leather and fiercely dancing to the snappy choreography, the music video also showed them dealing with destruction and madness in a very sudden change of concept.

Reflecting how PENTAGON is challenging a new genre, “Dr. BeBe” is a wild ride that was very different from the PENTAGON that everyone had known, especially from their “Shine” and “Humph” eras.

This masterpiece, which aggressively grabs one’s attention, successfully showcased the versatility of PENTAGON and highlighted a strong start for them this 2020. Now, excuse us while we go and “gra ta ta” once more.

Photos and videos from Cube Entertainment