Meet Weeekly: Play M Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group

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This June, Play M Entertainment is introducing a new name to the K-Pop music scene!

This year, a new player is set to join the K-Pop music scene. Play M Entertainment will be introducing a new girl group this month, in the form of Weeekly.

Weeekly, formerly known as PlayM Girls and FAVE Girls, was introduced through a series of profile photos posted on the group’s social media platforms earlier this month. The profile photos showcased the group’s lineup, comprised of Soojin, Jiyoon, Monday, Soeun, Jaehee, Jihan, and Zoa.

Aside from profile photos, members of the girl group will also be sharing clips that showed how they have been preparing for their debut. Through “The Weeekly Story” video series, fans are also treated to a quick yet deep dive into each of the members’ personalities before their debut.

As of writing, Jihan, Jieun and Soeun have released their episodes of “The Weeekly Story.”

Prior to this, the group’s tentative lineup was teased through photos and performances on their social media accounts. Notably, Weeekly is Play M Entertainment’s first girl group in ten years after Apink‘s debut and first idol group in four years after VICTON‘s debut.

For more details about their debut, stay tuned to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Fans can also follow Weeekly on VLive, Tiktok and fancafe.

Source: Xportsnews