RAN doesn’t want to cry anymore?

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As Christmas is right around the corner, RAN has presented her fans with a digital single Don’t Want to Cry Anymore (더 이상은 울고싶지 않아).

RAN has returned with a digital single of the minor R&B genre for the winter scene. The female vocalist, who received lots of love with her previous songs, has returned to her fans who waited for her comeback. With RAN’s interesting husky voice, it has had the fans and general public highly anticipating for her new return with Don’t Want to Cry Anymore and as expected, has been receiving hot attention.

The new digital single has a addictive composition and sound to allow RAN’s voice appeal in the R&B medium genre. RAN expresses the story of a woman who is heartbroken after a break up honestly. The song has an upgraded feel from what RAN has usually put forth with her previous songs.

Check out her music here:

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