Ravi Pens Heartfelt Letter For Starlights In Celebration Of VIXX’s Sixth Anniversary

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VIXX’s Ravi has nothing but grateful words for Starlights!

VIXX’s rapper Ravi posted a heartwarming message for Starlights on his Twitter account where he looked back on the past six years of blessed moments with their fans.

He expressed his appreciation and congratulated them on the group’s sixth anniversary.

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Here’s Ravi’s full letter:

May 24th

It’s a very special and meaningful date for us, right?

Time flew by before we knew it, and TODAY marks the 6th anniversary of our debut!!

It’s already been six years, or 2,190 days, since we started shining together.

When I look back on the past, I can’t remember every detail clearly, but I can clearly recall the memories and emotions that were filled with happiness because of you all.

You shined more beautifully, in my eyes, than anyone else, holding your ground for what could be considered a long time.

The more I begin to understand it, the harder it is to believe that you invited the 20-year-old me into each one of your lives to cheer on and support.

I’m sure there were happy and joyful moments that came from supporting VIXX, but in those moments I know there were also difficult and hurtful times.

It can’t be an easy task to stand by and give your love to someone.

I’m truly grateful that, despite it all, you still allow a special place in your heart for me, for so long.

Because I know how valuable and precious that is, though I’m sure it was also partly for my own satisfaction, I’ve always wanted to give back to you, which was a big reason why I worked so hard to make music and performances.

Perhaps there were times when you felt like that the feeling wasn’t mutual and felt lonely. And maybe you felt empty and meaningless as well?

I want to tell you that that’s not true. I’ve always thought of you all, wanted to do my best, be my best, and put my whole heart in everything I did, hoping that you could feel my sincerity.

We were certainly shining together!

I started dreaming of pursuing music around 16, and ten years later, am receiving love as a musician.

I feel that it’s all thanks to you guys.

The 26-year-old me is still dreaming new dreams and painting a future, and striving to be more specific, sensible, and responsible than before.

I sometimes wonder if I can do it, but moving forward, trusting that it will all work out hasn’t changed from ten years ago… and neither has my face it seems like.

Where are all the people who said I would be the youngest-looking member when I’m 26?

It seems like the journey to getting a baby face is a long one. Not that I particularly desire to have one. 🙂

Anyway, sincere congrats on our 6th year anniversary, and I’m happy to be able to share the joy of this special day with you all.

Let’s keep healthy, happy, and shining bright always!

I love you Starlights ⭐

VIXX debuted on May 24 on M! Countdown with its debut song “Super Hero”.

Since then, the boy group has steadily grew in popularity.

N, Ken, Hyuk, Hongbin, Leo, and Ravi were dubbed as concept-dols for their unique comeback themes.

Ravi is also a recognized rapper in the industry, having released mixtapes and participated extensively in his rap making for VIXX’s songs.

Most recently, he helped produced songs for the group’s EAU DE VIXX album.

Congratulations, VIXX and Starlights!

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