Eric Nam Reveals Theatrical New Photo For His Album, “The Other Side”

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Eric Nam looks stunning amidst a moody ambiance in the latest teaser image for his upcoming album, The Other Side!

Eric Nam released a new cover image for his comeback mini album The Other Side. In the latest picture revealed by the multi-talented singer, he is seen staring blankly ahead while holding somewhat of a proprietorial expression emoting complex feelings.

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The vocalist seems lonely in a theater despite the backdrop being warm and nostalgic, adding a touch of romance even.

Besides releasing the image, details of Eric Nam’s album were disclosed as well. The pre-sale of the mini album The Other Side has opened through various online music sales sites today.

Eric Nam

Since the English album Before We Begin released in November of last year, it is a new album coming from the singer after 8 months. Additionally, the album will include a 104-paged photo-book, photo cards (one of five types random), and posters. The Other Side will be releasing on July 30.

Through the album, Eric Nam hopes to express the message that there are two sides to a person’s everyday life. On the surface, it may look happy and perfect. However, there may be underlying sadness that they would be concealing behind a happy facade. The Other Side embodies hope for those struggling with that underlying feeling of unhappiness.  

The soloist further raised the excitement after he revealed the track list for the same. The album contains five tracks in total, namely, “Trouble With You,” the title track, “Paradise,” “잘 지내지 (How You Been)” and “Down For You”. The album will also include the Korean version of Eric Nam’s hit English track, “Love Die Young”. 

eric nam

In addition to that, DAY6’s Young K has also been instrumental in the writing of the lyrics alongside Eric Nam. He has co-written four tracks on the album,  “Trouble With You,” “Paradise,” “How You Been,” and “Love Die Young (Korean Version),” respectively.  

Source: Herald Pop

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