“Red Carpet” Takes Over iTunes Charts In Various Countries As MONSTA X’s Joohoney Receives Warm Welcome Back From Fans

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There is no warmer “welcome back” gift to MONSTA X’s Joohoney than having his song up on the top spots in music charts!

“Red Carpet” by MONSTA X’s Joohoney soared to the top of iTunes K-Pop and all-genre charts in various countries all around the world as Monbebe celebrates his return from hiatus!

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The multi-talented MONSTA X member took the spotlight on March 29 with his mixtape song “Red Carpet” flying to the top of iTunes charts worldwide as a sweet gift from fans!

Among the countries it charted the highest in were Saudi Arabia and Chile where it placed at number one for the all genres chart. The song also impressively landed at number one on the top K-Pop song chart in various countries all around the world including the U.S, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Romania, United Kingdom, and Canada.

“Red Carpet” was also able to successfully enter the top five on the top K-Pop song charts in several countries including New Zealand and Belarus, as well as the top 30 in charts for Slovenia, Guatemala, Sweden, and Norway, among others.

This very colorful achievement was garnered by the multi-faceted rapper through the celebration thrown by fans for his recently-announced return to activities with MONSTA X after the hiatus he took earlier this year.

In addition to the song flying high on iTunes charts, this celebration also came with the hashtag #JooheonComingHomeParty.

Released on August 31, 2018, “Red Carpet” is the lead track for Joohoney’s mixtape DWTD. It was co-written and co-composed by the MONSTA X member himself, and other than the upbeat track which showed his scene-stealing charisma, four other songs are in the mixtape as well.

Re-watch the music video for “Red Carpet” by MONSTA X’s Joohoney below: