Red Velvet’s Joy Drops More Astounding Teasers For Nearing Debut With “HELLO”

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Joy of talented girl group Red Velvet continues to amaze and stun REVELUVs with beautiful and eye-catching teasers as her solo debut with Hello gets nearer.

Red Velvet’s Joy released two sets of concept photos, album details, two prologue videos as well as a mood sampler within the last five days for Hello.

In the first set of photos unveiled on May 24, Joy looks like a modern-day princess with her pink-toned dress and gloves. With her classy hairstyle and small-sized crown, the idol’s overall image was based from someone who came from the 50s era.

As she strikes cool and girly poses against a party-like setting, Joy proves her amazing projecting skills and versatility by effortlessly pulling off a magnificent concept.

A mood sampler showing her cute and bubbly side while wearing the same ensemble was also uploaded during the same day. Letting her eyes and smiles do the talking, the talented artist displayed her natural personality while holding different types of camera and a slate.

Further stealing fans’ hearts, Joy also exhibited a country-girl appearance in the second set of teasers revealed on May 26.

Shot against a breathtaking greenery, the lovely singer exhibited her carefree side as she poses stunningly and lovingly. One of the photos also showed the artist smiling towards a young girl while inside a camping car.

All you can feel while browsing through the images is Joy’s warmth and excitement, which makes fans even more stoked for this iconic debut.


Accompanying the previews, Joy also unveiled a live video for one of her songs. Titled “Je T’aime,” the track flawlessly highlights the singer’s unique and soft voice.

Her enthralling tone also stood out in the video, along with her pretty facial expressions. Watching the clip will instantly make you feel like you are inside a café, while drinking your favorite coffee.


The artist also unveiled two prologue videos for her two upcoming songs called “Day By Day” and “Be There For You.” Both clips feature snippets for the said songs, each with distinct and enticing story.

Allowing REVELUVs to look forward more to the album, Joy also finally revealed the previews for her upcoming first solo album. The photobook version includes an illust sticker sheet, a CD, a sticker photo, a track poster, a big poster and a photocard.

A case version is also set for release. This has a lyrics book, a photobook, a polaroid, an illust sticker sheet, a CD, a track poster, a big poster and a photocard. Sticking to the retro theme, the album also has a cassette version, produced only in limited quantities.

Fans should continue to watch out as the artist will surely release few more teasers in the next days.

Meanwhile, Joy will release her debut album HELLO on May 31 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Red Velvet’s Official Twitter Account

Photos from SM Entertainment